Rose Lane History

Welcome to Rose Lane, I'm Katya Thomas, the founder of Rose Lane. I live in Paris, but I grew up in the countryside in Normandy. For many years, I worked in the luxury cosmetics industry in Paris, in both skincare and makeup.

All my life, I've been passionate about the art of makeup, and it was clear to me that, sooner or later, I would create my own brand. Over the years, I've found it difficult to find a makeup brand that truly reflected what I was looking for. I dreamed of a brand that was clean, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in France.

This is how Rose Lane was born, carrying my values and my love for France at the heart of its essence. I wanted to create a brand that embodies all these values while offering high-performance products, a stunning range of colors, and above all, complete safety in use.

My favorite is the "Bois de Rose" lipstick color that I wear every day ! 

To me, Rose Lane evokes the return from a walk where our cheeks are flushed with oxygen and happiness! Rose Lane also conjures up the image of a rose-lined alley where one strolls, losing track of time. The Rose Lane spirit is about entering this botanical garden and discovering an explosion of colors, fragrant notes, and being in harmony!

Raised in the heart of nature in Normandy, I was always surrounded by its benefits. The simple joys of enjoying the wild nature through the seasons, of spotting a doe at dusk, all these are precious memories of my childhood. My time spent in Normandy shaped my love for animals, a love that has never left me.

Normandy is renowned for its natural beauty. The region is bordered and dotted with green hills, forests, and vast sandy beaches. It is also home to Monet's House and Gardens in Giverny, which inspired the artist for his famous paintings. This garden has always inspired me since my adolescence, both for its entirely "Pink" house and the garden that inspired the famous paintings. I visited this place many times as a teenager.

I lived in England during my childhood, and since then, certain English towns have deeply inspired me, especially during the creation of my brand, Rose Lane. I go back regularly. The magnificent gardens, roses, and ponds are creations that have always fascinated me. In fact, the name "Rose Lane" comes from English and means "Rose Path." Hence, you understand why I created Rose Lane Paris, a unique makeup brand that draws its inspiration from nature and plants. I have been vegetarian since the age of 12, well before the 2000s, out of concern for animals. That's why it was essential for me to design a vegan and animal-friendly brand.

To me, makeup is like Art; it brings together different palettes of colors, shades, and textures. When I do my makeup, I see myself as an artist, and I mix two shades of lipstick to create the one I like that day - I also like to mix two eyeshadows or even apply my lipstick with my finger on my cheeks for a touch-up at the end of the day.

Applying Rose Lane makeup is like experiencing a walk in the forest and coming back with an enhanced complexion. You enter a world of unique and authentic beauty: natural, respecting life, made in France, all while having a rock 'n' roll edge!

The Rose Lane brand is manufactured in FRANCE. The brand is 100% Made in France and natural. All our values can be access here
Rose Lane offers products that are easy to apply, convenient to carry, and with skincare benefits. I want to enable all women seeking more thoughtful beauty to meet all their expectations without compromising their values or their pleasure.

I hope you will love Rose Lane as much as I do. I have put all my heart, my time, my authenticity, my most beautiful life inspirations, and our lovely France into it!

Best wishes, Katya Thomas ♡ - Founder of Rose Lane Paris